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Australia wide


With premium muesum quality material

I produce every image with a story within the image. Creating art is more about the visual meanging, rather than a nice picture on a wall.

What do you see!


Limtied and exclusive

Over the last decade there has been an explosion of interior decorators and designers looking for fine art...


Own something trully special and unique with an limited edition print from fine art photographer Tony Bowler


Rare and limited


A real talking piece


What you get

Each image comes in five sizes and editions


Going into a room, how many times have you seen the same prints on other walls? How many panoramics that get produced time and time again?


Our aim is to create something memorable and unique that will have people taking notice and saying something about your style and personality

How to buy

We are found at many galleries around Australia, however you can buy direct right here on this site  

Museum quality print

Each piece is printed on the finest printing paper exiting in the world. Hand signed by artist Tony Bowler

Tony Bowler

Original pieces are hard to find to. This of course has also now bleed through to every day households and businesses. People are now looking to enhance their living space with quality pieces that are different and exclusive, by bringing their rooms and spaces to life, matching decor with touches of their personality, indeed creating a personality of their home.

The fine art prints with shot and produced by fine artist and photographer Tony Bowler

are exclusive and limited to small prints runs, so you are almost assured to having something original among your circle of friends. Prints are a statement piece one that will create big impacts and bring life to your environment. Be assured, you are receiving the highest quality on museum quality print that will last generations.

Each image is part of a limited edition and once sold out there will be no more ever made. In fact the largest size there is only three prints ever made.